Building Data Means:  

Data builds trust and transparency for building operational spend, and equipment repair and replacement. Intelligent Building Analytics is a customized solution that improves tenant satisfaction and asset value, reduces risk, and enhances ROI by providing much-needed data to building operation teams. Initially, Abundant Power will assess your building’s Datapportunity. If your building is data-ready, our team of engineering, IT, and data specialists will cloud connect and begin to analyze and mine data at the meter, system, and zone levels to provide actionable measures that will elevate your building to optimal performance.

Based on your Datapportunity, our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center works with facility teams and service providers to prioritize alarms and identify system issues before they create problems and costs for your tenants and you. Depending on your needs and goals, we will customize analytics, reporting, and solutions that work for you.

Data Analytic Services

Technology is not the barrier to better building performance, complexity is. Abundant Power makes it simple to adopt state of the art analytics*** to manage your buildings and support your teams. Abundant Power offers different levels of customized data analytics services to address building portfolio needs and risks. The impact on the building value and comfort is immediate and significant.

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Intelligent Building Analytics

IBAx leverages the power of data to transform your operations. Customized data reporting helps prevent and detect issues, solve problems more efficiently, and saves you time and money.


A monthly report summarizing millions of machine data points into critical KPIs around the things that matter most - Tenant Comfort & Asset Health. Critical equipment repairs are identified, making it simple to assign and dispatch, and backed up by actual data to support facility management in making the right repairs and adjustments without wasting time.


A supplement to the InsightX service, providing near realtime critical equipment failure notification, also backed up with actual data. Notifications include floor plan equipment locations and site-specific dispatch protocols, saving time for everyone involved. False alarms are screened out so time is not wasted and only real tenant and asset risk events receive focus.


An additional supplement to InsightX and RealtimeX, providing dispatch and intensive diagnostics for resource constrained teams.


InsightX KPIs and benchmarking data across all portfolio buildings, used in identifying and improving relative building performance, as well as illuminating investor reporting.

Data builds trust and transparency for building operational spend, and equipment repair and replacement. Whatever issues you are facing, our data services, monitoring and reporting will lighten your workload, help prevent expensive breakdowns, and increase the performance of your building or portfolio. We are independent of any brand or contractor and have experience dealing with a wide variety of systems.

ACQxWith just one week’s worth of data from an HVAC control system, you can determine previously hidden or unknown facts about the health of HVAC systems to inform capital planning, purchase negotiations and avoid post-acquisition headaches. Whether your strategy is core or value add, you need to know exactly what you are buying.


When you act on the data insights we provide your team, you can accumulate BuildingXpert points and receive a reduction in monthly service fees. Ask about our BuildingXpert program.

Pilot Promise™

For most first-time customers, we pledge that for up to three buildings in your portfolio, our monthly fees will not exceed energy savings for the first year of service. This provides an easy way for you to explore the benefits of Intelligent Building Analytics with no risk.

Not sure if you are data ready? Take the datapportunity questionnaire.

Not Data-Ready?

You know intelligent buildings add value, but ownership is not so sure. In addition, there are so many choices in technology, vendors and contractors. Can you pull the information you need to provide an accurate budget for a data-ready building?

Intelligent Building Roadmap provides compelling, camera-ready budget and collateral for annual capital budgeting cycles. Deliverables include ROI and simple payback, customized technology recommendations, local sourcing and pricing, energy savings estimates, tenant and asset impact of intelligent building technology upgrades or brand new installation. A portion of the Roadmap fee will go toward the IBAx monthly service fee, once implemented.

You have the funds, you believe in the business case and now you are ready to install and implement a new or upgraded control system. Yet, despite your enthusiasm, there are real time constraints on your team. Or, you have concerns that once you are done, your contractor will not deliver a data-ready building that provides the critical insights you need.

Intelligent Building Integration provides best practices project management with your chosen contractor. Abundant Power has the expertise and quality control needed to make sure that project costs are managed and the contractor delivers the control system that can provide real-time data. A portion of the Integration fee will go toward the IBAx monthly service fee, once implemented.

Other Services

Abundant Power offers other customized data services important to building owners and managers, including capital budgeting analysis, and maintenance archiving and retrieval.

The power of building data analytics does not stop at building mechanical systems, which comprises well over half of a building’s typical spend. Check back for future data service offerings, including lighting control data analytics with occupancy analysis, plug load analytics, demand response analytics and participation assistance, and elevator and security control analytics.

*** Abundant Power is one of the Nation’s leading specialists in deployment of SkySpark, by SkyFoundry, as a cloud-based or site-based service.***

SkySpark by SkyFoundry