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The Power of Data Analytics for Buildings

Data reveals what can't be seen, resulting in dramatic improvements to tenant comfort and asset life, and lower maintenance costs. Increased operating performance equals increased energy savings and ROI for investors. If your building is data-ready, our data analytic services will provide simple, actionable information to achieve immediate results many of which will have zero cost to implement

We offer analytic services for commercial office, light industrial, medical office, hospitality, retail and worship facilities.

The bottom line? Data supports your tenants, your team, your asset, your company and your investors.

Data-Driven Results: What Matters to You?


Achieve positive NOI with less than 1 year payback


Reduce tenant complaints by up to 50%


Extend asset life by greater than 30%


Reduce energy costs by up to 20%


Solidify capital budgets


Verify maintenance repairs

We Make it Simple

Technology is not the barrier to better building performance, complexity is. Abundant Power makes it simple to adopt state of the art analytics to manage your buildings and support your teams. Abundant Power offers four levels of customized data analytics services to address building portfolio needs and risks. The impact on the building value and comfort is immediate and significant.

We are Part of Your Team

Data builds trust and transparency for building operational spend, and equipment repair and replacement. We are independent of any brand or contractor and have experience dealing with a wide variety of systems. Whatever issues you are facing, our data services, monitoring and reporting will lighten your workload, help prevent expensive breakdowns, and increase the performance of your building or portfolio. 

We Provide Data That is - Simple, Specific, Actionable, Transparent

What is Your Datapportunity?

Abundant Power will assess your building’s datapportunity. If your building is ready, then we are ready to cloud connect your building to gather and analyze millions of data points. For a monthly fee that is more than offset by energy savings, we will provide you with specific, simple and actionable metrics that will help you to elevate your team to top performance. Ask about our Pilot Promise ™ for guaranteed savings on your first three buildings.

Not sure if you are data ready? Take the datapportunity questionnaire.

Find out if you are data-ready


Abundant Power is a passionate team of people dedicated to innovative and transformative technology & data solutions for commercial building owners, managers, and occupants. We offer a unique blend of expertise in building science, engineering, technology and real estate to our best in class products and services.